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Each and everyone of us is 'good enough' - just as we are.

Yet how many of us believe that this is true?  My book demonstrates how I, and many of my clients, 'became good enough'.
My book has been awarded a Silver Medal in the Category of Personal Memoir eBook by IPPY - Independent Publishers Book Awards. 



Photograph below: At the book launch with Petrea King.

When I was a practising counsellor and psychotherapist I had the privilege of being witness to many clients' life stories.  Over time it seemed to me that no matter what the particular 'story', there was a prevailing and underlying theme of "I don't feel that I am good enough".

I started to look for it.  No doubt we find what we are looking for!  I found it not only in the consulting room but alive and well in the wider community.  So many wonderful people not believing they are 'good enough'.  Oh, and did I mention that for a long time I felt exactly the same way?

So, I decided to write about it.  About becoming 'good enough' - just as we are.