Book Reviews

Petrea King, Founder, Quest for Life Centre

The stories that Gay McKinley shares in On Becoming Good Enough, tell of both the therapist and the clients’ struggles with being ‘enough’. Rarely does a therapist turn the spotlight so honestly and revealingly on themselves! In relaying the stories of her courageous clients – and her own – Gay takes us on a journey to heal the inner rift of harsh self-judgment we so often turn upon ourselves.

Kathy Montgomery, Business Advisor

Having read the draft of Gay’s book, I now understand why she was so successful as a therapist for my business associates who experienced personal problems that were beyond my expertise as a business advisor. 

The book demonstrates Gay’s deep understanding of human nature and the roadblocks that prevent people from achieving their greatest capacity. The added bonus for the reader is to be invited into her personal story, which resonates with many of us, particularly successful women in business.

Rex Simmonds, Medical Publisher

I found On Becoming Good Enough an absorbing, totally honest and profoundly moving insight into the complexities, pitfalls and sadnesses that are encountered by the therapist. But it also conveys a deep sense of satisfaction in observing the lift in spirit of the client and their awareness that they are indeed 'good enough'.

Gay McKinley has written a fascinating book which I thoroughly recommend to anyone involved in helping people but particularly to other healthcare professionals in whatever field they work.

Chrissy Waller, Art Director

To become a part of Gay’s clients’ lives, even for just a moment, was a privilege.  To share in their experiences, trials and breakthroughs was deeply moving.  On Becoming Good Enough is a brave, thought provoking, book that lingers in the mind.

Jenny W.

So inspiration...everyone should read it as it covers so many angles of life, feelings and emotions - with great insight.

Mitch Gibson, Founder, Yoga Teacher, Yogabowl
There were so many gasp-out-loud moments, audible sigh moments and moments when I’d literally put the book down on my belly and process it all; moments that I wished I had a pen handy (holiday house / where are the pens in here??) so I could underline all the amazing quotes …. so I guess I’ll be re-reading it with a pen in my hand again very soon.
And I can’t wait.