Walking the Talk

Posted by Gay McKinley on November 19, 2016 . 0 Comments

If I thought writing a book about becoming good enough and believing I was good enough to do so was difficult, it was nothing compared to taking the book into bookstores and having to convince the owners that it was good enough for them to stock.  Actually, convincing the owners was relatively easy - the challenge was convincing myself!

Then, having the courage to go back into the store to check if any had been sold; if they want more; persuading them that they do; suggesting that it could be positioned more prominently; advising that it would be difficult to find McKinley under the Ws; and not freaking out with a crisis of confidence when they tell me they haven't sold any!

Was my writing a fraud?  Did I really not believe that I was good enough?

I went back to my basic thinking and writing.  To operate from a place of feeling that I am good enough, just as I am, is not a final destination.  It is a journey.  It is not a place to arrive at and unpack.  It is a moment by moment choice.  It is an unassailable truth that I am constantly reinforcing to myself.  It is not what I do that is good enough; it is how I be.

My book has been re-positioned under McK and within Psychology and Self-Help categories.  Phew!

That's good enough.


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