How never being good enough is eating away at our top chefs.

Posted by Gay McKinley on June 24, 2016 . 0 Comments

In a recent article in the Good Weekend, “Too Much on Their Plate”, Jane Cadzow painted a worrying picture concerning the pressures top chefs in Australia and around the world are under.  Their quest for perfection, (even a wood sorrel leaf has to be the perfect shape), has resulted in suicides, sleeplessness, high anxiety, depression and money worries to name a few.

One chef stated that even if his restaurant were given rave reviews, “it’s still not good enough.  It will never be good enough”.

My first thought in reading this was, “There it is again.”  That sense of not being good enough.  If a successful, top chef doesn’t think he, or his food, or his restaurant is good enough, what hope do all of us mere mortals have?

The truth of course is that we all are – good enough that is.  And good enough is just that.  Good.  Not bad.  Not inadequate.  Not mediocre.  Not half arsed.  Good.

But if we go looking for it outside ourselves, as with the rave reviews, we’re never going to find it.  Not matter how often or strongly another tells us we are good enough, if we don’t believe it of ourselves, it doesn’t go in.  However, if we do believe it of ourselves, no matter what another person thinks of us, it cannot be taken away.

I prefer the latter option.



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