Does an award make Good Enough better?

Posted by Gay McKinley on April 14, 2017 . 0 Comments

I was watching Insight on SBS last Tuesday night and pondering how elite athletes on retiring from their chosen sport can find themselves in the depth of despair and 'not good enoughness'.  How a former World Champion sees herself as lacking because an Olympic Gold Medal eluded her.  How an Olympic Gold Medalist sees himself as lacking because he didn't achieve the same in subsequent Olympics.

Who are we without the external measure, the 'other', telling us whether we are good enough or not?

Even though I have written about being good enough, JUST AS WE ARE, I found myself falling into the same trap of looking externally for that affirmation.  If people don't buy my book, does that mean it is not good enough?  In fact, simply no good.  If book stores don't buy more copies, does that mean it's no good?  If I don't win an award for my book, does that mean no-one would be interested?

Months ago I entered my book in an international forum for Independent Publishers.  Lo and behold I won a Silver Medal in a category of Personal Memoirs.  Not only was I surprised and yes, delighted, I started to look at my book in a much better light.  Maybe it really is good enough.  And yet, nothing at all had changed about the actual book.

I believe this can happens to us all the time if we are not aware of our own thinking.  We spend too much time looking outside of ourselves for a sense of how good, or not, we are.  What other people think of us is none of our business!  We have absolutely no control over what other people think of us, or what or how we be or do things.

However, we do have control over how we think about ourselves - if we will only take the time to listen to our inner wisdom.  A self-judgement of not being good enough is usually someone else's opinion we have internalised.

We are all good enough - and good enough is bloody marvellous!



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